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Trade Show Displays

Want to add some "wow factor" to your showroom, sales office or exhibit space?


Wall graphics or wall wraps get the job done when it comes to transforming your space.
Giant photo images combined with text can deliver a single message with punch or you can create a wall full of informative content easily and cost effectively.

Add some other display elements on to of your wall graphic for a 3D look to create a unbeatable interpretive experience.

Our wall graphics are printed on both permanent and removable films and laminated for maximum durability.

Expert installation by a 3M certified professional will get the job done wherever and whatever the application is.

Sales centre branding.

Big and bold messages with photos and text to create the right atmosphere.

Trade show displays or traveling exhibits come in many different configurations and are the cornerstone of your organizations on the road marketing campaign. Assessing the intended use and transport methods play an important role in the design, selection of materials and crating of your display. Whether you have your own design team or require help to put together your solution we can help produce a cost effective and efficient solution to meet your needs.

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