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Artwork Setup

Artwork set up for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop users.


When working in the Adobe Creative Cloud set of applications there are a few simple rules to follow to ensure fast, easy and accurate output.



• CMYK colour space. (images can be RGB inside the CMYK space)

• Use the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 profile.

• Set up artboard(s) and include a bleed of 1 inch.

• To match Pantone colours use the PANTONESolid Coated swatch book.

• Embed your images in the print file.

• Convert fonts to outlines in the print file.

• Use a rich black if you want rich black.

• Be careful with tranperancies, gradients and effects.

• Make sure your image resolution is 100 dpi at 100 percent minimum and
  150 dpi maximum for best results.

• Work in scale if your graphic exceeds 227 inches​


• Don't extend a colour by mixing a vector with a raster element.

   Create the whole image in Photoshop

• Don't use overprint's. White or black. Preview in overprint preview mode
   to check for this

• Don't add crop or trim marks. We can add these according to your
  specified sizes.


• We use the preset of "HIGH QUALITY". This preserves the file for maximum editability and keeps native effects live.

• Make sure that you check the box in Marks and Bleeds that activates the bleed.

• If you have the Adobe Acrobat Pro program use the Preflight tools to check for accurate output.

Click button above to download job PDF options file. Double-click file to install. Choose “SignSource PDF Job Options EMBEDDED”  as PDF preset when writing your print file to ensure trouble-free output.”

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