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Fabrics Products

Fabrics are the newest category to be introduced into the sign industry.


Widely accepted in Europe as a more eco friendly solution over traditional materials, fabrics have started to gained popularity in the North American market as well.

Different printing methods and coatings for fabrics have been developed to allow greater production of fabric based prints which results in a varying levels of quality in the end product.

Fabric prints using the dye sublimation transfer process which is the most efficient and highest quality method for fabric prints.

Instead of printing on the fabric the printing is transfered though the dye sublimation process which dyes the colour permanently into the material.

This results in exceptionally vivid colours and finely detailed prints on a non reflective surface.

Turn this print into a SEG frame display that is easily mounted to a wall or in a self standing frame you have an unbeatable look that offers the benefits of an easy to change graphic when required.

Flags and banners are very durable, versitile and easy to install or set up. The vibrant colours make them stand out from other traditional signage.

An added benefit of fabrics is that they are lightweight and foldable which makes them economical to ship and handle. This dramatically lowers shipping costs and makes storage possible and easy.​

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